Diagnosis of learning difficulties with migrant and refugee children

Thanks to a successful grant – Otto Per Mille by Tavola Valdese allows us to manage a project that aims to create a 8xmille_def_english-05diagnosis and a therapy of learning difficulties that can lead us to improved services for migrant and refugee children. We are eager to publish the very exciting result of this project…

Teaching migrant children in since 2008 our teachers remarked the inadequate diagnosis from the local education agencies in cases of learning difficulties. Experts diagnose students as disabled, or define they require special needs without describing their real development needs, and teachers cannot find the appropriate teaching methods for their development. Migrant children are in a special situation, as they have sociocultural, language disadvantages. Based on their own needs there should be a special diagnosis referring to their actual learning difficulties. Our project’s purpose is to create a complex diagnosis to detect the real problem in learning (language skill test and the maturity of nervous system’s test) as a first step in the treatment. There is a movement therapy from Delacato, which can be used in both the diagnosis and the treatment in connection of the nervous system development. Following the diagnosis it’s important to define the suitable learning and developing method for the student and helping in implementing by experts and teachers.