Teaching Children About the Refugee Crisis

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UNICEF UK has recently unveiled a new teaching resource titled, “In search of safety: Children and the refugee crisis in Europe,” that seeks to help teachers explore the refugee and migrant crisis with children at school aged 7 to 18. According to their website, “Children are affected directly and indirectly. This resource seeks to help you explore this important and complex subject with children and young people within a children’s rights framework.”

You can download the pack for free from their website and use it to facilitate discussions that will help children make sense of the crisis by putting a focus on children and their rights. The teaching pack contains more than twenty activities to help children explore the crisis that range from short lessons to long projects and even ideas that will involve a whole school. The lessons and issues are brought to life through the use of children’s stories, videos, and infographics.

Historical context and background information on the crisis is provided in order to provide teachers with a working knowledge of the subject matter, including reasons why people are fleeing Syria and making their way towards Europe. A glossary is also provided to assist in an accurate understanding of concepts like the differences between a refugee, asylum seeker, and migrant. Guidance is also given to help teachers prepare for discussions that may arise around these sensitive and complex issues.

In addition to this education pack, UNICEF UK has also created factsheets for children and young people as well as PowerPoint presentations to accompany the activities discussed in the teaching pack.

To learn more about this wonderful new resource, or to download it for yourself, click here.


Article by Kearstin Bailey