Donating to Kalunba

Kalunba can give your unwanted clothes and other items a new lease – How can you donate your items?

Can Kalunba collect from my home or office?

Ideally we would like you to bring your donation but Kalunba may be able to collect donations from you, for example if your donation is large (furniture or electrical equipment: fridge, cooker or washing machine).

However, our capacity to be able to do this varies widely, we recommend that you contact us first to check.

Donations we can accept

All donations must be clean, useable or wearable. If you wouldn’t use or wear it then we probably won’t be able to either!

We are always looking for:

  • Ladies, men’s and children’s clothing
  • Winter items: hats, mittens, scarfs and coats
  • Accessories including: belts, handbags and backpacks
  • Kitchenware / Homeware:  cooking and dining, pots, pan, utensils and cutlery etc.
  • Soft furnishings including curtains, cushion covers and bed linen
  • Electrical equipment that functions, ideally with instruction manuals.
  • Books and multimedia items like DVDs, games etc. All languages welcome.
  • Toys that are usable and can be played with
  • Non perishable Food or drink.

Please contact us if you would like to donate the following:

  • Nearly new and second hand furniture
  • Large electrical items, audio visual, cameras and computing products
  • Folding pushchairs and prams
  • Bicycles

 Donations we can’t accept

We cannot accept anything that it would be unsafe for you to use – anything that is broken, dangerous, unhygienic or where its safety cannot be proven.

Please do not bring these items to us as we will have to incur costs for their disposal.

In particular, we can’t accept: Retro clothes, underwear


Please contact Kalunba if you:

  • Would like to enquire about a house collection or have a large donation
  • Are at the end of your stay in Budapest and would like to donate some of your furniture, large electrical appliances (fridge, freezer , cooker or washing machine)  and other contents
  • Are a company that would like to donate end-of-line, samples or surplus stock.

For any questions or comments write  us at kalunbameeting@gmail.comdonation-closet