Continued Success for Kalunba’s Tailor

Kalunba’s resident tailor is at it again! We wrote an article about Jonathan, a man from Iran who has been with us for many years, back in 2016 to advertise his services (The best tailor in town! Everyone should use him!). After the article went up we had immediate reactions from supporters around the world, and here in the city of Budapest.

Jonathan’s popularity as a tailor is here to stay as just a few months ago he was offered an amazing job opportunity with a construction company in charge of building a new IKEA in Soroksár. They found our article online and asked specifically for Jonathan. They needed someone to do all the sewing for the interior of the shop – if it was made from fabric, they needed someone to create it. For the next few weeks, Jonathan and a translator worked every day at the construction site of the new IKEA, getting everything just right for opening day.

Now that the job is finished, Jonathan is back to work in our office, making bags and accessories to sell. The creations he’s come up with are gorgeous and celebrate his fantastic craftsmanship as well as local Hungarian traditions. The fabrics he’s using have a twist – bold patterns and bright colors liven up traditional Hungarian motifs to make the patterns trendy and eye-catching. They’re perfect for life in the city!

Jonathan is currently creating multi-purpose tote bags as well as smaller zippered bags that are perfect to toss in a purse or backpack. Both sizes are ideal for everyday use, and the prototypes are almost finished! Our staff are waiting with bated breath for him to unveil the finished products – we can’t wait to see them and share them with our friends!

The core of Kalunba’s mission is holistic integration, a true journeying together with our beneficiaries, and this sewing set-up for Jonathan is a perfect example of that. Through this work, he is not only continuing to develop his professional skills, but he’s gaining self-confidence and a whole network of supporters in the city. Stay tuned to see what’s next for Jonathan!


Article by Kearstin Bailey