Safe Homes


The integration and inclusion of asylum seekers and refugees by providing housing solutions, psychosocial assistance, Hungarian language instruction and career counseling.

Description of the project:

In Hungarian state care structures, the individual needs assessment and personally-tailored solutions are not taken into consideration. On the contrary, this is the heart of our planning at Kalunba – we plan our psychosocial work based around the personal needs of our clientele, therefore the individuals that we work with can experience maximum development.

The project is filling the need for an integration program that, with it’s special complexity, will enable a specialized service. The majority of our target group will be able to have quality access to specialized counseling services and they will receive long term solutions for their needs. The program also provides quality language education through a best practice program designed by our team.

We rent homes for recognized refugees. The program chooses its participants from those who are most at risk, such as: large families, young adults, and young and separated parents. They face the least trust from local homeowners therefore they would hardly be able to find homes that they could rent individually and in a sustainable way without this program.

If you are interested to participate, this is a flowchart to show you the procedures how we work.


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