Start of new courses

If interested, please apply at the link below, with submitting your basic personal information. We will get in touch with you shortly. As soon as we have a sufficient amount of people registered at your level, we aim to start a new course.


We organize our courses according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages. Our courses are officially licenced by the Hungarian Adult Education Authority. Licence nr.: E-001452/2016/C001


Our courses are 45 000 Forint now. A level courses are 45 hours total, B level courses are 36 hours. The price does not include the text books.

Process of application and admissions

Please register for the courses at the following link, add what level you are interested in and/or the specific class time you are interested in.
We will contact you regarding contracting, payment, and information for when it starts, the suitable timing and duration of the course, and other important details. If you have the feeling that you are not getting a response for a while – please do check your spam mailbox too, maybe our mail landed there.
To speed up the application process, please fill in this test to help us evaluate what level of language class would be the best fit for you. Please don’t use help! Honesty will enable us to more accurately place you in the group that best suits your language needs.

Click  here  to find the online entrance level test
Click  here  if you need the basic level test
Click  here  to complete the intermediate level test




GDPR infosheet about Kalunba’s use of personal data submitted by the applicants for our language courses available for now only in Hungarian..

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