Staff and Founders

Staff, Founders and Supporters

Left to right, top to bottom:

Csupor Anna (Panka), Hungarian as foreign language teacher

Miriam Buffa, former volunteer at Kalunba

Dóra Kanizsai-Nagy, co-founder

Janka Megyesi, Hungarian as foreign language teacher

Balázs Acsai, co-founder

Zsuzsanna Szászi-Lukács, co-founder

Rita Gulyás, former sociologist and midwife at Kalunba

Anett Kocsis, teacher of inclusive education

Alshami Zéneb, youth worker, translator

Bernadett Földváry, international human rights analyst

Aaron Stevens, Reverend, St. Columba’s Scottish Mission





Those that are missing from this picture:

Elyoubi Mohamed, social worker and translator

Oláh Nikoletta, Hungarian as foreign language teacher

Nuri Mohamad Ali, social worker and translator

Mehrzad Hameedullah, social worker and translator

Kearstin Bailey, Global Mission Intern

And all of our wonderful volunteers from all parts of the earth!

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