Resettlement Program for Syrian refugees

On April 24 2015 Kalunba Charity received it’s first contract by Office of Immigration and Nationality to manage the integration of resettled refugees as part of the National Resettlement Program in Hungary. The first 6 Syrians arrived in May 2015. Hungary had a pledge to resettle 20 Syrians in 2014 and 20 Syrians in 2015. We provide a full integration-pack to the resettled people: 12 months of free housing, Hungarian as Foreign language lessons, employment-orientation and support in job-finding, community building, psychosocial counselling, medical costs and airfares to arrive into Hungary.

The program is to be pre-financed by Kalunba. We had to start investing into the program starting May 2015, the first EU grant instalment was promised to be paid in September 2015. The funding is still in a delay and the program faces a severe risk of running out of funding. In 2015 we had to rent 3 homes (one family of four and two single men) and support their living expenses, while ensuring their education and integration. 20 new people in 4 families were promised to be brought into Hungary by the end of 2015.

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