Founded 2014

Our services

Safe Homes

Aiding families upon their arrival to secure housing that not only provides shelter, but is also a place to gather and make their own, leading to more full, well rounded, and independent lives.


Assisting in the creation of a supportive, loving, and compassionate environment from which clientele gain vital networks and assistance, for both practical and psychosocial needs.

Social Inclusion

Helping those in need, wherever they are along their educational journey, to receive Hungarian language lessons, further their education, and gain job training in order to be productive and valuable members of society.

Our Mission

Our mission is to build a highly responsive, innovative and committed support organization ready to respond to practical problems with practical solutions, and to do so with maximum efficiency. By giving the highest standard of care at the moment when most needed, we strive to create lasting values and foster our client’s ability to manage their everyday lives.

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Please come and find us, in our new community center, in the heart of the city, 1081 Budapest Népszínház utca 16, doorbell 63.
If you are interested in volunteering, please register HERE.

You can also help support our mission through a donation. Regardless of the amount of the donation, your contribution is very important and deeply appreciated.

Please send donations using PayPal or sending to our bank account:

BANK NAME: MagNet Magyar Közösségi Bank
HOLDER OF THE BANK: Kalunba Nonprofit Kft.
IBAN: HU55 1620 0223 1002 3112 0000 0000

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