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MMIAThe goal of the Hungarian.Language.Skills.[1] project is to provide free, high-quality Hungarian language teaching to nationals of third countries living in Hungary through a well-recognised Adult Education service provider licensed by the National Department of Vocational Training and Adult Education.

Our free courses enable nationals of third countries to access high-quality Hungarian language training. Knowledge of the Hungarian language plays an elemental role in social integration. It is therefore  indespensable for migrants who are completing their studies in Hungary, or for nationals of third countries who come to Hungary to work and later remain resident in Hungary. But learning the Hungarian language is not just a necessity, but also a boon: Depending on the level of knowledge, it results in measurable gains in social and economic integration at both the micro and macro level.

The project offers Hungarian language classes for adults and children. We provide and finance the requisite tools (e.g. textbooks) through the project.

The project’s main activities:

  • developing general Hungarian language training courses, ensuring their certification, putting training programs into practice;
  • developing teaching material related to the Hungarian language course, puttingtogether supplemental teaching materials in a format that is accessible online;
  • developing and running special Hungarian language training programs for nationals of third countries who are not familiar with the Latin script.
  • offering consulting and mentoring services connected to the language training course
  • providing supplementary services to facilitate the participation of vulnerable groups in the language courses, with a particular focus on offering childcare to women
  • offering community and cultural programs that help participants of the language courses to get to know Hungary and to widen and deepen their cultural knowledge and facilitate integration

The project’s target group:

−  foreign national beneficiaries of subsidiary protection status;

−  asylum seekers;

−  nationals of third countries whose residency rights extend for a time period of more than   three months and who are in the country legally

–   nationals of third countries who are legally resident in Hungary with the intention of staying for more than three months

−  foreign nationals with tolerated stay status

When putting together the language classes, we aim to place students in the group that best matches their knowledge level. The training system was developed and approved based on the Common European Refrence Framework. This means that the qualifications students receive are recognised in all EU countries. Furthermore, we are in the fortunate position to be able to provide exceptionally gifted and hard-working students wih a contribution towards the cost of their language exam.

The teachers working on the project are all trained, qualified and experienced experts: teachers of Hungarian as a foreign language who are dedicated to teaching Hungarian courses to migrants.

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[1] Grant application submitted as part of the Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund (AMIF)’s program MMIA-2.2.4:. „Audit of programs offering Hungarian language teaching to third country nationals, development and running of effective language  programs for tnationals of third countries that correspond to their needs”